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Pelino Excavation

Equipped with over 30 years of experience, Pelino Excavation is dedicated to providing excavation services and aggregate materials to satisfy customer needs.

Pelino Excavation provides site preparation, grading, trenching, piping and many other construction needs. Pelino is skilled at partnering with construction firms, land developers, municipalities, home owners, schools, correction systems and small business owners to accomplish excavation and construction goals. 

We offer a wide selection of various aggregates to help aide you or your customer’s needs.  Everything from sand, driveway gravel, road base, decorative rock, flagstone, topsoil, fill dirt, boulders and fractured rock. We even carry bulk bedding sand for sprinkler systems and stone lying. 

From our pit, we have delivery service available for bulk quantities and boulders.  Our delivery service is a great way to save you time as deliveries can be made straight to your job site. Let us haul it for you, and know with confidence that delivery will be on time.

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